About Us

The core team is made up of Dr Keli Thorsteinsson, Dr James Dean, Sister Nia Hughes and our lead practice administrator, Catherine Jones.

They are all 100% committed to excellence in patient and client care.

The doctors split their time between NHS and private dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and skin surgery. Dr Dean also leads the in-house private GP practice team. 

Before offering any new treatment, the doctors carry out a thorough review of published evidence. This helps to ensure that our patients don’t waste time and money on unfounded sales-gimmicks, or worse, take risks with their health and appearance.

We are regulated by Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW), which puts a legal requirement on Freyja Medical to adhere to hospital-grade standards of care. Read the latest inspection report, which shows that we are rated in the top 1-2% of clinics with a blemish free account! 

*** Have You Had a Treatment Complication with Another Practitioner? ***

Our doctors are happy to be contacted by patients or practitioners regarding diagnosis and management of suspected complications of aesthetic treatments. Freyja Medical is a registered referral centre with ACE (Aesthetic Compications Expert Group). Click here for further information. 


Why the name Freyja Medical?

Freyja is the Goddess of Health and Beauty in Norse Mythology – so a perfect fit for a medical aesthetic clinic!
We have chosen to spell Freyja the Nordic way with the silent “j”. 

Our Scandinavian cousins have a long history of leading the world in healthcare delivery as well as aesthetic matters. Our name reflects this history and helps to remind us to keep things simple, safe and evidence-based.

evidence based

Only researched safe and effective treatments

comprehensive range

Full range of dermatological and aesthetic therapies

high level of expertise

Assessment and treatment by highly experienced medical staff

convenient location

Wrexham town centre within 1 minute walk of two public car parks

competitive pricing

Top of the range treatments
at a great price

professional & friendly

Excellent care in a
specialist medical facility