Discover the Revolution in Body Contouring: Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

Those seeking an effective, minimally invasive solution for body contouring are turning to Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections. At Freyja Medical, our esteemed dermatologist doctors, with their extensive experience in dermatology, expertly guide you through the Aqualyx treatment process.

What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is an injectable solution that dissolves the membranes of fat cells, allowing the body to naturally eliminate them. This non-surgical method targets stubborn fat areas that diet and exercise can’t reach, providing a customised approach to body contouring.

Understanding the Side Effects

Patients generally tolerate Aqualyx well. However, some might experience minor, temporary reactions at the injection site, such as redness, slight bruising, tenderness, and swelling. These symptoms typically resolve within a week. At Freyja Medical, we prioritize your safety. Our dermatologist doctors administer the treatments under strict supervision, ensuring efficient management of any side effects.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Aqualyx delivers noticeable, contoured results, making it stand out. After three to five sessions, spaced 3-4 weeks apart, patients often see visible improvements. Individual results may vary depending on metabolism, lifestyle, and treatment plan adherence. Significant enhancements in body shape and increased confidence among our patients highlight Aqualyx’s transformative potential as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

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Why Freyja Medical?

Freyja Medical stands out for its excellence in dermatology and aesthetics. Led by renowned dermatologist doctors, our clinic commits to the highest care standards. Choosing Aqualyx with us means opting for expertise, an outstanding reputation, and a commitment to personalized, high-quality aesthetic services.

Choosing us for your skincare journey represents an investment in your well-being. You’ll receive support from a caring professional team, dedicated to guiding you towards a more confident version of yourself.

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