Pee out your fat! Aqualyx jab helps to remove stubborn bulges

Fat dissolving injections

A new slimming injection promises to dissolve fat cells, allowing dieters to pass the fat out of their bodies when they urinate. 

The non-surgical treatment called Aqualyx is a simple, safe and effective alternative to liposuction with a friendlier price-tag!

The treatment involves injections of Aqualyx into areas of stubborn fat. It contains plant polymers which bind with the cell walls of the fat tissue and release the fat to be dissolved. Once the formula has liquified the fat cell, it’s then eliminated through urine over a three-week period. 

Waist fat ( Muffin Top ) reduction
Hip fat reshaping and reduction

Stubborn fat areas: Muffin tops, belly fat, hips, knees and more...

Aqualyx is intended for patients with localised fat tissue not responding to diet or increased physical exercise. It’s not intended for weight loss as such, but rather to improve and alter the contour of the body by removing stubborn areas of fat.

During the procedure, the fat on the area being treated is marked with a pen and a cannula (a needle with a tube in) is placed under the skin. Then the Aqualyx solution is injected.

There can be some mild discomfort during and after but local anaesthetic is also used. It is common to have a bit of bruising too. Gradually over the next few weeks the fat is broken down and removed from the body – permanently!

For some people one treatment is enough, others may need a few. Everyone is different and has different needs. However, for people who have tried and failed with diet and exercise alone, Aqualyx fat dissolving injections may be the way forward!

Written by Dr Keli Thorsteinsson

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