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Botox - 5 Things...


You’ve all heard about Botox and probably have a good idea about what it does...but there are a few things that nobody ever tells you…

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You’ve all heard about Botox and probably have a good idea about what it does...but there are a few things that nobody ever tells you…

Botox has been around for quite a while now and is still the most popular aesthetic treatment delivered to millions of people worldwide. It’s been used for both cosmetic and medical purposes and can deliver great results when used in safe hands. But there are a few things that might come as a surprise to you…

1: It can feel WEIRD!

When you first have Botox it can feel a bit….odd. There can be a heavy sensation across the brow, or vague dullness. Some even describe it like feeling they’ve got some tape stuck to their head! The good news is that this is completely normal and is caused by the muscles starting to be relaxed by the Botox. The brain senses them relaxing and can have trouble interpreting those signals. The sensation wears off after a week or so and doesn’t tend to happen if you have the treatments regularly.

2: It doesn’t work straight away.

OK, maybe you did know this one - but so many people ask why their wrinkles haven’t changed immediately after treatment that I thought I would remind you! It takes about 48 hours for any signs to start taking effect and you can expect the results to be most noticeable by 7-14 days.

The results last 3-4 months and if you keep up the treatments this can stretch out further.

3: Botox doesn’t always mean ‘Botox’

Everyone has heard of ‘Botox’ but it isn’t the only brand of toxin that relaxes wrinkles. There are 3 main ones on the UK market: Botox, Azzalure, and Bocouture. Clinical studies show they all work in the same way and the main difference is just in the manufacturers. Occasionally you can get less of an effect with one of the toxins over time - almost like building an ‘immunity’ to it. If that happens you can try switching brand to see if it works any better.

4: ‘No Downtime’ doesn’t mean 'no side effects'!

Botox can still only be delivered to the target muscles with a small injection. Any time you pierce the skin there is a small chance of a bruise or infection. Also there is a small chance the toxin can migrate to a nearby muscle causing a bit of eyelid droop or odd-shaped eyebrow. The risks are low (if you go to a properly trained practitioner!) but not zero. The take-home message - if you have an important event or date, don’t get your Botox done just beforehand!

5: You’ve paid you money, don’t muck it up!

It takes up to 24 hours for the Botox to fully bind onto the muscles. During that time if you have a facial, get hot and sweaty or do anything that gets your face flushed, you can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and also increase the risks of the Botox migrating to where you don’t want it!

If you want to learn more about Botox and dermal fillers, we have an eBook you can download with pretty much everything you could ever want to know about these treatments.
James Dean
Written by James Dean
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