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Acne Scarring Treatment


SkinPen is the only FDA approved acne scarring microneedling treatment device.

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There's a lot of misinformation (and frankly pretty rubbish treatments) out there for improving acne scarring. This has led to lots of people wasting time and efforts on unsuccessful treatments and becoming really down about it all. Some have even been told there is nothing they can do to improve the appearance at all!

So, we've put together this short explainer to tell you about a treatment that has led to such a difference in so many of our patient's lives with boosting their confidence by improving their scarring.

The treatment is SkinPen Microneedling.

This uses an FDA approved medical microneedling device to create tiny punctures to the skin (don't worry, it's painless!) which aims to do a few things.

Firstly, it breaks up the scarred & disorganised collagen and secondly, encourages your skin to produce new healthy & organised collagen - improving the scars (as well as the general texture of the skin)! It does this by encouraging a clever little cell in the skin called a fibroblast to work harder.

We usually encourage people to use PRP (platelet-rich plasma) during the microneedling procedure to further improve and speed up the results.

We get this by taking a little blood from your arm and spinning it in a machine to remove the red cells and collect the plasma. This plasma is really rich in your own natural growth factors and we can use this during the microneedling to improve the results. 'How does it do that?', you might ask....well, think of PRP and growth factors as a motivational speaker for your fibroblasts - those little cells that produce and lay down new collagen work harder when the growth factor encourages them!

The procedure itself is completely painless. We use a numbing cream on the face beforehand for 20 min and it takes about 20 minutes to do the microneedling. The aim is to make the skin pink/red in colour, not to have you bloody!

Afterwards, you look red in the face like you've done a decent amount of exercise, but that starts to fade within a couple of hours and is back to normal by the next day.

Usually, for this treatment to show great results a course of treatment is needed. A course is 3x for rejuvenation and up to 6x for scarring - each a month apart. Results usually start to become visible after 2-3 months of starting treatments.

We really love this treatment at Freyja as we have seen such amazing results. If you or somebody you know suffers with their confidence due to their acne scars, then this could be the solution you're looking for!


James Dean
Written by James Dean
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