Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers (such as Juvederm and Restylane) are injections that are used to treat wrinkles and plump up the skin and fill lines leading to a fresher, more youthful looking appearance. We use these to restore, enhance and define your look.

Our fillers are Hyaluronic Acid based (a natural substance found in normal healthy tissue) products which are injected into the skin tissues to restore lost volume from the face. This helps to soften the appearance of deep wrinkles, coarse lines and folds.

Commonly treated areas include the cheeks, naso-labial folds, marionette lines, lips and hands.

Areas treatable with dermal fillers
Before and After Dermal Filler Treatment

Skinbooster Dermal Filler

Restylane Vital Skinboosters are fine fillers, designed to sit more superficially in the skin. They are therefore very useful in treating fine lines around mouth, to sides of the mouth and around the eyes. A course of treatments is normally required.

Best results are achieved when combined with other treatments such as microneedling and PRP.

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At Freyja Medical your dermal fillers will only ever be administered by a medical practitioner. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards, exceeding all recommended guidelines and requirements for an aesthetic clinic. Safety is our number one priority. Our clinic is a safe, regulated medical environment and your treatment will be carried out only by a highly qualified doctor or nurse. Our clinics are regulated to an extremely high standard (such as Healthcare Inspectorate Wales for our Welsh branch in Wrexham).

It’s hugely important to us at Freyja Medical that our patients achieve the results they want. We believe this starts with a thorough consultation.

You will have the time you need to talk things through with our highly trained medical practitioners. We will take the time to discuss aspects of your skin or appearance you may be unhappy with, your desired results, costs and timings. We want you to leave your consultation feeling confident, fully informed and happy with any decisions you have made. Our bespoke Skin/Deep Methodology for consultation and assessment will make sure we give you the right advice on any treatments to fully address your concerns while still maintaining a natural, but refreshed look.

The great thing about dermal fillers is that the results begin to show immediately after treatment and can last up to 12 months – sometimes even longer, depending on the product used and the area treated. Lip fillers can tend to last for six months or more. 

Dermal fillers involve small injections under the skin. Some people describe a small scratch or sting as the needle goes in. To make it all more comfortable we apply ‘numbing’ cream (local anaesthetic cream) to the area beforehand. Afterwards there may be some swelling or bruising. The swelling usually fades within 48 hours but any bruising may take a little longer. Most people experience very little of this. 

  • Cheek fillers – add volume and lift to your cheeks. Contour to define and support.
  • Tear trough fillers –  revive and refresh  under the eyes, reducing dark circles and helping with that ‘tired’ look.
  • Lip fillers – adding extra volume and plumpness to lips, defining the shape and restoring the proportions.
  • Jawline and chin – adding volume to the jaw and chin area. This can support and contour the lower face helping with jowling and general volume loss.

Patient Feedback

‘A return visit to Freyja Medical; very pleased with previous results hence the visit yesterday. Very professional service, fantastic advice and extremely helpful practitioners, would definitely recommend’

‘Treatment was top class. Very professional and friendly staff. Why go to Harley Street when there is Freyja Medical. Will go back again and again’

‘I was terrified when I came to have the treatment, but the doctor was brilliant I felt at ease and he gave me honest advice. They are definitely not there to just make money as I was offered alternative treatment that would cost less. They also will not give you a treatment if they feel you do not need it. I can not recommend Freyja enough. I hope I get lots of vouchers from family and friends for Xmas to go towards my next treatment which I am already considering’

‘I have never had any aesthetic cosmetic intervention before and spent time researching both treatments and clinics. That’s why I decided to travel over 2 hours from my home to have treatment at Freyja. Simply put, after the consultation I was more than confident that I would get a professional, safe and effective treatment from a very knowledgeable doctor with many years of experience. There was absolutely no pressure to have treatment there, in fact, conversely, I couldn’t wait to get started! I was a little nervous prior to my procedure but there was really no need to be. I was warmly welcomed, put at ease and the procedure was not as uncomfortable as I had imagined. Thank you to Dr Dean and the other friendly staff. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Freyja to my friends….although….I really would like them to be my little beauty secret!’

* We publish ALL of our feedback – anonymously to protect patient confidentiality

treatment time

45 minutes

recovery time

1-2 days

number of treatments


how long does it last

12-18 months

course of treatment


Dermal Filler approximate cost

from £195