Plexr Plus Soft Surgery

Plexr Plus - What is it?

Plexr Plus is a revolutionary treatment in aesthethics and skin surgery. The most exciting use of this technique is in non surgical blepharoplasty made possible by advanced plasma technology.

‘loose skin, hooding and wrinkles around the eyes eradicated’

This is an area which has been difficult to treat without the need for invasive surgery or laser. Plexr Plus has been used by UK doctors since 2014 and is already completely changing our approach to treatments around the eyes.

Before and After Plexr Plus to upper eyelids

This is one of our patients (aged 70) before and after Plexr Plus to the upper eyelids (more pics)

How does Plexr Plus Soft Surgery Work?

Plexr Plus can be used to treat a host of other skin conditions, including:

  • Fine lines around mouth
  • skin lesions
  • scars and stretch marks

Unwanted tissue is eradicated through ‘sublimation’, where solid matter is turned into ionised gas (‘plasma’). The treatment gives instant results through tissue retraction. This is achieved without harmful heat generation in the dermis – unlike laser treatment, where it can be difficult to control the collateral damage. 

The results keep improving over the following months, through remodeling and formation of new collagen in your skin. 

Plexr to Smokers Lines around mouth before & after

Patient Feedback

‘Highly rated, very professional, excellent service and brilliant job done. Had Plexr Plus Soft Surgery and Platelet Rich Plasma, very pleased and well worth the money’

‘Have had eyelids treated with Plexr Plus. To say that the results are amazing is an understatement.
My eyes are more open and youthful and applying makeup is so much easier.
Anyone thinking of treatment be assured its beyond what you’ll hope for.’

‘Plexr plus an excellent procedure with impressive results.’

‘Just had my two week review after Plexr Plus treatment and I have to say that I am really pleased with the results. I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff, who are very professional, caring and brilliant at what they do.’

* We publish ALL of our feedback – anonymously to protect patient confidentiality

treatment time

45-60 minutes

recovery time

5-7 days

number of treatments


how long does it last

usually for years

course of treatment


approximate cost

from £295