Psoriasis is a chronic disorder affecting 2% of the UK population. It can affect any area of the body including scalp, hands, flexural areas, as well as the trunk and limbs. In some cases nails and joints are also affected.

People with psoriasis often suffer in silence and they may find it difficult to access the help they need. 

Our doctors work full-time in dermatology and aesthetics and are skilled at assessing patients with common skin disease, such as psoriasis. In almost every case a good regime of topical products gives good symptomatic and visible relief. 


If you have skin disease which covers > 10% of your body surface area it can be difficult to apply creams to such a large area effectively. In this case, you should ask your GP to refer you to a hospital based service or book to see a Consultant Dermatologist privately, where consideration can be given to light treatment (UVB or PUVA) or systemic therapy (tablets or injections). 

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