Skin Surgery & Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Our doctors work full-time in NHS and private dermatology departments and see hundreds of skin lesions for diagnosis per week. They have extensive experience in mole removal and treating blemishes with skin surgery:

Mole Removal
Wart Treatment

Skin Tags, Warts and other skin lesions

We can assess and treat any common skin lesion, such as:

Skin Surgery

See also “mole check

Patient Feedback

‘Felt at ease from start to finish, very professional service’

‘From the moment I walked in I was treated like royalty. The very friendly and approachable staff made me feel at ease. Offering a drink and a chat to make me feel welcome. The process to be seen by the Dr was very quick and easy. In the consultation I was explained every step and all the options along the way. The operation it’s self was quick and painless and done very professionally. I would highly recommend Freyja Medical to anyone.’

‘Friendly reception & fantastic service by all staff. Can highly recommend this practice for any treatment.’

‘Had a skin tag removed. Clear explanation of what the procedure would entail, very professionally undertaken and excellent after care advice.’

‘Both doctor and nurse were very friendly helpful and put me at ease there was very little pain with the procedure.’

‘Fantastic service with very friendly caring staff. The doctor took the time to explain everything from procedure to risks. I was very nervous but both the doctor and the nurse helped me relax. It was a quick almost painless procedure with just a little sting from the local anaesthetic . I wish I had had it done years ago.’

* We publish ALL of our feedback – anonymously to protect patient confidentiality

treatment time

30-45 minutes

recovery time

5-7 days

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approximate cost

from £95