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Aqualyx fat dissolving injections

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    1-2 Weeks
    30 Minutes
    1-3 (Average)

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Fat Dissolving Injections

Troubled by stubborn areas of fat that just don't seem to go away no matter how hard you try? Aqualyx may be what you are looking for!

AQUALYX was developed by the renowned aesthetic surgeon Prof. Pasquale Motolese in 2002 and has been used for many years in different countries of the European Community and USA. AQUALYX is an injectable solution, which causes fat cells to break down in the area that it is injected. The body then gets rid of the released fatty acids naturally.

It produces long-lasting results, which means you can forget about those annoying wobbly bits for good!

Aqualyx can be used to treat small, exercise-resistant, pockets of fat around the chin, chest, tummy, thighs and knees, but is not a treatment for weight loss.

The number of Aqualyx treatments required varies depending on the size of the fatty deposit. Typically 1-3 treatments for small areas, such as the jowls and under the chin, and 2-8 treatments for larger areas such as the thighs.

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Where can Aqualyx be used to dissolve fat?

Common treatment areas:

  • chin
  • upper arms
  • abdomen
  • ‘love handles’

AQUALYX is injected directly into the fat tissue via 1-2 jabs per treatment area.

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