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I had a great experience, and I was well looked after, both before and after surgery. I would definitely recommend Freyja to anyone looking for expert advice and treatment.


About Our Mole Checking

Our doctors have mastered the advanced technique of dermoscopy in the diagnosis of skin lesions. This takes years of training and clinical practice. Dermoscopy uses magnification and polarised light to see into the skin.

Accurate clinical diagnosis is essential when treating any skin lesion. For added patient reassurance, we routinely send removed lesions for histology analysis.

Our doctors also carry out a skin survey for any malignant or pre-malignant skin changes before ANY dermatological or aesthetic treatments. This essential precaution can only be offered by specialist skin doctors.

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We can offer you reassurance, advice and removal of skin blemishes which are concerning you, including:

  • skin tags
  • seborrhoeic keratoses
  • viral warts
  • cysts
  • moles

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