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We’ve handpicked three of our most sought-after treatments, allowing you to experience the revitalising effects of our facials for just a fraction of the cost, for a limited time only. Dive into luxury skincare today!

Restore Your Skin Confidence

Experts in dermatology, skin surgery & aesthetic treatments.

Award Winning Dermatology Clinic

Whether you are looking for the reassurance of a mole check, are in need of skin surgery, or simple have concerns about a skin condition. Our specialist doctors are ready to help.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Available

Are you tired of short-term solutions for unwanted hair?

Our pain-free Laser hair removal offers you a long-tern solution that is suitable for all skin types.

Our Awards

Our Awards

Concered about wrinkles?


Book a consultation to discuss treatments for wrinkles. These popular treatments are commonly used for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

fillers in wrexham fillers in nantwich

Expertly soften lines & wrinkles restoring lost volume and definition.
Look great without looking ‘done’


Skin clinic dermatology

From mole checks & skin surgery to expert diagnosis and management of a range of skin complaints.

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Freyja Medical

True skin experts know there’s rarely just one thing that bothers us about our appearance. Usually, several factors add up to make us look tired, sad, or just older than we feel! Our award-winning skin clinic is home to true specialists, we know exactly how to tailor a treatment journey for maximum results.

Oh, and did we mention that we’re run and led by a team of Skin Specialist Doctors who can see you for any skin issue from acne or mole checks to skin cancer surgery and more?!

Skin & Rejuvenation Expertise

Our experienced team set the highest standards in medical enhancements and aim to exceed our patient’s expectations. We will conduct a thorough consultation and explain your options and suggestions to make sure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan.

Specialists Who Care

We believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and unique, but we also understand that most people have insecurities that can hold them back in their life. Our purpose is to enhance your natural beauty and to give you the confidence that you need and deserve.

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