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Earlobe Repair Surgery

Pulled through earrings or stretched earlobes can be repaired!


Dr Thorsteinsson specialises in reconstructive and complex skin surgery including earlobe repair.

Common reasons people come to see us for earlobe repair include:

  • Repair after use of stretcher earrings or spacer earrings
  • Repair after earring tearing through resulting in a torn earlobe
  • Repair of elongated earlobe piercing
  • Reduction in size of earlobes

Many people think that damaged earlobes can’t be treated, but thankfully there is a surgical solution with Dr T.

For years he’s honed his skills with complex dermatological and reconstructive surgery and now is able to bring that expertise to help you with your earlobe repair!


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What is involved in earlobe repair surgery?

Stretched earlobe reconstruction is a surgical procedure carried out by our resident skin surgery expert, Dr Thorsteinsson. The procedure itself involves the removal of the earlobe’s damaged skin and the reconnection of the tissue. An anaesthetic injection will minimise any discomfort you might feel. 

My earlobes have gotten longer over time, can this be helped?

Yes! Dr Thorsteinsson can reduce the size of earlobes that have become longer over time.

How long will the results from earlobe surgery last?

The results of earlobe repair surgery are permanent.

Can both earlobes be repaired on the same day?

Absolutely! This is the most common way people have their surgery and it is also more cost-effective for you to do it this way.

Earlobe repair from £999

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