Enlarged pores

Enlarged Pores

Discover what causes enlarged pores and how to tackle them effectively.

Our expert team offers tailored treatments, from advanced procedures to personalised skincare routines, ensuring you achieve clear, radiant skin effortlessly.

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What are enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores are larger-than-normal openings on the skin’s surface, often visible to the naked eye.

They can be caused by various factors, including genetics, excess oil production, sun damage, aging, and skin conditions like acne.

When pores become clogged with dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, they may appear larger.

Hormonal changes and certain medications can also contribute to enlarged pores.

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores Treatments

Skincare Consultations for enlarged pores at Freyja Medical in Wrexham, Nantwich and Cheshire

Skincare Consultation

A skincare consultation for enlarged pores offers personalised solutions tailored to your skin’s needs.

One of our therapists assesses your skin, recommends products to regulate oil production and improve texture, advises on proper skincare routines, and can recommend the best treatments for enlarged pores, tailored to each individual.

With expert guidance, individuals can effectively manage and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, achieving smoother, clearer skin.

Hydrafacial for enlarged pores at Freyja Medical in Wrexham, Nantwich and Cheshire


HydraFacial is a comprehensive treatment for enlarged pores, combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection.

By unclogging pores, removing impurities, and hydrating the skin, HydraFacial minimises pore appearance, leaving skin smoother and refined.

This non-invasive procedure offers a gentle yet powerful solution for clearer, radiant skin with reduced pore size.

Microneedling for enlarged pores at Freyja Medical in Wrexham, Nantwich and Cheshire


Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment for enlarged pores.

This procedure stimulates collagen production and promotes skin regeneration by creating tiny punctures in the skin’s surface.

By enhancing cell turnover and collagen formation, microneedling improves skin texture and reduces pore appearance over time.

It offers a beneficial solution for achieving smoother, refined skin with diminished pore size.

Chemical Peels for enlarged pores at Freyja Medical in Wrexham, Nantwich and Cheshire

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels effectively reduce enlarged pores by exfoliating the skin and promoting cell turnover.

This treatment removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and stimulates collagen production, improving skin texture and minimising pore size.

With customisable formulations, chemical peels offer a versatile solution for achieving smoother, refined skin with reduced pore visibility.

Chemical peels offer a potent solution for reducing the appearance of enlar

Photofacial for enlarged pores at Freyja Medical in Wrexham, Nantwich and Cheshire


Photofacial, also known as intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, offers an effective solution for reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

During this treatment, broad-spectrum light is used to target pigmentation irregularities and stimulate collagen production in the skin.

By promoting collagen growth and improving skin texture, photofacial therapy can help minimise the appearance of enlarged pores over time.

With its ability to rejuvenate the skin and enhance overall complexion, photofacial treatment provides a non-invasive option for individuals seeking to achieve smoother, clearer skin with reduced pore size.

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What causes enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores can result from various factors:


  1. Genetics: Predisposition to larger pores can be inherited.
  2. Excess Oil Production: Overactive sebaceous glands can lead to oily skin, which can enlarge pores.
  3. Sun Exposure: UV rays damage collagen, making skin less elastic and causing pores to appear larger.
  4. Aging: As skin ages, it loses collagen and elastin, leading to decreased skin elasticity and larger pores.
  5. Skin Type: Individuals with oily or combination skin are more prone to enlarged pores.
  6. Clogged Pores: Accumulation of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can stretch pores, making them appear larger.
  7. Hormonal Changes: Fluctuations in hormones, such as during puberty or pregnancy, can increase oil production and enlarge pores.
  8. Cosmetics and Skincare Products: Certain products may clog pores or irritate the skin, leading to inflammation and enlarged pores.
  9. Smoking: Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that can damage collagen and elastin, contributing to enlarged pores.
  10. Poor Skincare Habits: Inadequate cleansing and exfoliation can lead to buildup in pores, making them more visible.
What is the difference between enlarged pores and blackheads?

Enlarged pores and blackheads are related but distinct skin concerns:


  1. Enlarged Pores: Enlarged pores refer to larger-than-normal openings on the skin’s surface. They can be caused by factors like genetics, excess oil production, sun damage, aging, and skin conditions like acne. Enlarged pores are visible to the naked eye and may be more prominent on areas of the face with more oil glands, such as the nose, forehead, and cheeks.
  2. Blackheads: Blackheads, also known as open comedones, are a type of acne lesion. They occur when hair follicles become clogged with excess oil (sebum) and dead skin cells. Unlike whiteheads, which are closed comedones, blackheads have open pores, allowing the trapped oil and debris to oxidise and turn black in color. Blackheads can appear as small black or yellowish bumps on the skin’s surface, often in areas with more oil production, such as the nose, chin, and forehead.
How long does it take to see results from enlarged pores treatments?

The timeline for seeing results from treatments for enlarged pores varies.

Topical treatments may take several weeks to months of consistent use.

Professional treatments like chemical peels or laser therapy may show immediate or gradual improvement over multiple sessions.

Changes in skincare habits and lifestyle can contribute to long-term improvement, but visible results may take several weeks to months.

Individual responses vary, and consulting with a dermatologist provides personalised guidance.

Are the treatments painful?

The treatments we offer for enlarged pores are generally well-tolerated and minimally invasive, with little to no pain or discomfort.

Are the treatments safe?

Yes, the treatments we offer are safe and have been extensively tested and researched for their effectiveness and safety.

Are there any side effects from the treatments?

Side effects from treatments for enlarged pores vary.

Topical treatments may cause dryness, redness, or sun sensitivity. Professional procedures may result in temporary discomfort, redness, or swelling.

It’s important to discuss potential risks with your dermatologist.

How much do the treatments cost?

The cost of enlarged pores treatments can vary depending on the type of treatment used and the severity of the condition. We offer a range of treatment options at different price points and can provide you with a detailed quote during your consultation.

How often do I need to come in for treatments?

The frequency of treatments for enlarged pores depends on factors like the specific treatment, individual skin characteristics, and treatment goals.

Topical treatments are typically applied daily, with periodic follow-up appointments.

Professional treatments vary in frequency, with sessions spaced weeks or months apart, followed by maintenance visits.

Ongoing skincare between treatments is crucial for optimal results.

Our skincare experts provide personalised guidance on treatment frequency based on individual needs and response.

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