IPL Treatments at Freyja Medical Wrexham and Nantwich

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for Skin Rejuvenation

Offering a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments, the Lynton EXCELIGHT IPL is widely regarded by many dermatologists as the most clinically effective IPL in the marketplace. 

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IPL treatments at Freyja Medical

Are you troubled by dull or tired-looking skin? Consider IPL skin rejuvenation for a radiant solution.

At our specialist skin clinic, we empathise with the challenges of lackluster skin. That’s why we present IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments employing the acclaimed Lynton Excelight technology, offering a rejuvenating remedy for vibrant skin.

Our expert practitioners will lead you through each step, ensuring a pleasant and impactful procedure.

Bid farewell to skincare routines that fall short, and greet the glow of revitalised skin with our IPL skin rejuvenation services.

Read on to find out how this treatment works and how it can benefit you…

Microneedling performed by Nurse Clare Wyatt at Freyja Medical Wrexham
Microneedling treatments at Freyja Medical Wrexham and Nantwich

What is IPL and how does it work?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin rejuvenation operates by directing bursts of broad-spectrum light onto the skin’s surface. This light targets various skin concerns such as age spots, sun damage, and uneven pigmentation.

The melanin in the skin absorbs this light, stimulating collagen production and promoting cellular turnover. As a result, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more evenly toned.

With consistent sessions, IPL skin rejuvenation gradually improves the skin’s texture and appearance, reducing the signs of aging and sun damage.

Unlike traditional skincare methods, IPL offers a non-invasive and versatile solution for addressing multiple skin concerns.

It’s a safe and effective treatment suitable for various skin types and areas of concern, delivering noticeable and long-lasting results.

What is IPL good for?

Concerns that IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can effectively address:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Minimising age spots and sun damage

  • Diminishing acne scars and other facial imperfections

  • Evening out skin pigmentation and reducing redness

  • Enhancing the skin’s radiance and glow

  • Improving overall skin texture and tone

Microneedling performed by Nurse Clare Wyatt at Freyja Medical Wrexham
Microneedling treatments at Freyja Medical Wrexham and Nantwich

Where can IPL be used?

For skin rejuvenation purposes, IPL can be applied to virtually any area of the body. Commonly targeted areas include:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Chest (Décolletage)

  • Hands

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Back

What are the benefits of IPL Hair Removal?

There are a number of benefits to this treatment, including:

  • Promotes collagen production for firmer, more youthful-looking skin

  • Targets various skin concerns such as age spots, sun damage, and uneven pigmentation

  • Non-invasive and versatile solution for multiple skin imperfections

  • Customisable treatment options for different skin types and areas of concern

  • Noticeable and long-lasting results for improved skin texture and appearance

Microneedling performed by Nurse Clare Wyatt at Freyja Medical Wrexham
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Patch Test and Consultations, with expert skincare therapists Hattie and Sigita, at Freyja Medical

Is IPL right for me?

For IPL skin rejuvenation, it’s ideal for individuals with fair to medium skin tones.

However, if you have darker skin tones, we suggest considering alternative rejuvenation treatments, tailored to better suit your needs.

To ascertain the most suitable approach for your individual requirements, we invite you to arrange a consultation with our skilled team at Freyja Medical. They will evaluate factors such as your skin type, concerns, and desired outcomes, offering tailored recommendations to help you achieve your rejuvenation goals.

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Can IPL be used on any skin type?

 IPL is best & safest when used on the lighter sin types (Types 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick scale):

1: always burns, never tans (pale, freckles).
2: usually burns, minimal tanning.
3: sometimes burns mildly, tans uniformly.
4: burns minimally, always tans well (moderate brown).
5: very rarely burns, tans very easily (dark brown).
6: Never burns (deeply pigmented dark brown to darkest brown).

Does IPL help rosacea?

People with Rosacea have many facial thread veins which dilate in response to certain triggers (see above) and stay open for longer periods of time compared to non-Rosacea sufferers. These thread veins have weaker walls and therefore do not function properly.

Intense Pulsed Light treatment has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of Rosacea. It works by a process called photothermolysis. This light therapy selectively destroys the abnormal vessels (thread veins) that cause the Rosacea effect, allowing thicker walled micro vessels to be laid down.

What causes facial thread veins and redness?

Spider veins and thread veins are commonly found on the face and can develop in anyone at any age.

What are facial thread veins?
Facial thread veins are tiny blood vessels that run close to the skin surface. They appear when blood vessels become enlarged which cause the veins to appear broken. The proper medical term for them is telangiectasia.

What are the causes of facial thread veins?
There are lots of causes of facial thread veins including exposure to the sun, changes in weather, excess alcohol consumption, hormone changes, or they can simply be as a result of your genes. People with rosacea often suffer from facial thread veins as the skin is red and flushed.

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