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Mole Checks at Freyja Medical

Mole Check Offer

At Freyja Medical, we understand the importance of proactive skin care and early detection. That’s why, for a limited time, we are delighted to offer you an exclusive Mole Check offer to safeguard your skin health at an incredible discounted price.

For a limited time, you can benefit from our renowned dermatology expertise for just £149, reduced from the standard price of £179. That’s a remarkable £30 off for a comprehensive mole check performed by our expert dermatologists.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to ensure the health and safety of your skin. Book your appointment today because this incredible offer ends 29th February 2024.

Stay Ahead with At-Home and Annual Mole Checks

In today’s climate of rising skin cancer cases, proactive skin health is essential. At Freyja Medical, we advocate two key steps:

Monthly At-Home Mole Checks: Perform monthly at-home mole checks to monitor your skin. Melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer, often begins with changes in moles. If you notice any changes in size, shape, or colour, it’s time to act. Download our FREE at-home mole check guide for a step-by-step process and effective documentation.

Annual Professional Mole Checks: Annual professional mole checks are invaluable. Our expert dermatologists use advanced techniques to detect subtle changes early. Receive personalised skin care advice and, if needed, access personalised skin surgery options for comprehensive care.


Skin Surgery at Freyja Medical - Dr Thorsteinsson
Mole Check

Testimonial: A Life-Changing Experience

“Following a check in August when Dr Dean noticed a suspicious mole on my back, it was diagnosed as a malignant melanoma and has since been removed.

Everyone has been telling me how lucky I’ve been for it to have been caught so early (stage 1A), so thank you James.

I realise now how incredibly lucky I’ve been and have shown the pictures to friends to emphasise the A to E check is not enough really, it needs an expert eye. Many thanks again.”

– Freyja Medical Customer

Meet Dr James Dean and Dr Keli Thorsteinsson

Drs. James Dean and Keli Thorsteinsson of Freyja Medical are esteemed for their expertise in dermatology, specialising in mole checks and skin cancer treatment.

With over 20 years combined NHS experience, they established Freyja Medical in 2017 to offer patient-focused dermatological care.

Their comprehensive Mole Check service extends from expert diagnosis to treatment, including skin surgery for detected abnormalities. This approach ensures thorough, end-to-end care, positioning Freyja Medical as a leader in dermatological health and treatment.


Dermatology Experts Dr Thorsteinsson (left) and Dr Dean (right) at Freyja Medical
Skin Surgery and Mole Removal at Freyja Medical

The Power of Professional Mole Checks

While monthly at-home mole checks are a crucial part of your skin health routine, they can’t replace the comprehensive benefits of annual professional mole checks. At Freyja Medical, we believe that combining both approaches provides the most robust protection for your skin.

What Sets Professional Mole Checks Apart?

Advanced Detection: Our dermatologists use advanced tools and techniques to spot subtle mole changes.

Experienced Specialists: Benefit from years of dermatology expertise for precise assessments.

Full-Body Evaluation: We examine every mole, even hard-to-reach ones, for a thorough assessment.

Peace of Mind: Immediate guidance and personalised skin surgery options if any issues are found.

Together, we can detect and address potential issues early, ensuring that your skin remains healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Don’t leave your skin health to chance; schedule your annual professional mole check at Freyja Medical today and take advantage of our exclusive mole check offer.


Where to Find Us…

At Freyja Medical, we are dedicated to providing professional dermatology and aesthetic services in North Wales, Cheshire, and North Shropshire. Our two conveniently located clinics ensure that you can access our top-tier expertise with ease.

Wrexham Clinic
Address: 13 Grosvenor Road, Wrexham , LL11 1BS
Phone: 01978 799688
Email: [email protected]

Nantwich Clinic
Address: The Yard, Villa Farm, Burland, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 8LR
Phone: 01270524949
Email: [email protected]

For directions to our clinics and to schedule your mole check appointment, as part of our exclusive mole check offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Take the first step towards a healthier you by visiting Freyja Medical today.

Mole Check Offer at Freyja Medical
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