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Lip Fillers Nantwich

Creating the perfect lip filler treatment requires both technical skill and an artistic eye. Specialist expertise is key to the results you are looking for.

Lip fillers at our Nantwich clinic

Lip fillers are such a popular treatment at both of our clinics in Nantwich & Wrexham

Certain of us lack the volume we desire in our lips. The Cupid’s bow and lip borders are less distinct in some people than in others.

When we look in the mirror we might notice:

  • Your lip volume is thin — your lips don’t appear as thick or plump as you’d want.
  • Lips appear more flat or turned inwards than they used to.
  • The outside of the lips has a weakly defined boundary (known as the Vermillion Border). This can lead to things like lipstick bleeding lines/ smoker’s lines.
  • The Philtrum ridge is a flat or poorly formed ridge that runs between the top lips and the nose.

By improving these features we can provide you with subtle and natural-looking results. We’re not looking for that overdone ‘duck-lips’ here!

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Lip fillers nantwich
Lip filler in nantwich


Jo Simmons
Jo Simmons
I was very nervous about attending Freyja Medical but there was no need to the receptionist was absolutely lovely and so was the Doctor who explained everything to me even my questions I kept on asking. I came out feeling that my problem can finally be sorted. Thank you so much 🙂
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones
I would definitely recommend freyja medical. As soon as you walk in you are made to feel welcome. Had micro needling treatments by Hattie and Sigita they are so friendly and very professional at what they do. Can’t thank Dr Dean and his team enough! My journey to better skin has begun. Thank you. 😊
Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison
Great treatment and service from a professional team. I’ve used Freya Medical for just over a year and I’m delighted with the results. I thoroughly recommend them.
beth roberts
beth roberts
Absolutely superb clinic. Can't recommend James, Keli and their team enough. The team at Freyja truly care about their clients and getting the right results. I've had consultations for both dermatology and aesthetics everyone I've seen has shown true compassion and I've never felt under any pressure to get treatments done and all consultations have been incredibly detailed. Thanks to Freyja not only has my skin improved but my mental health and confidence have improved too. I'm no longer embarrassed about my skin and admitting that I have Roseaca, as thanks to James and Keli I now have the right diagnosis and understand my condition. I'm now following a course of IPL and Hydrafacials with Sigita and Hattie who are both outstanding at what they do, these ladies are so knowledgeable and thorough and always make sure I'm comfortable throughout treatments. The Nantwich clinic is in a beautiful location with plenty of parking, everything in both clinics is ultra modern and clean. If there was an award for best clinic in the universe Freyja would win it hands down.
Jessica Simmonds
Jessica Simmonds
Freyja Medical have become my new go to for all facial and aesthetic treatments. I can't stress enough how fantastic they are. All the staff are helpful and friendly and their nurse therapists are passionate about getting you the best results from your treatment. Don't hesitate in going to them for any of your needs! 10/10 🙂
Tina Roberts
Tina Roberts
James & his team provide a caring & professional service at all times. If anyone is considering any form of non-invasive treatments then this is most definitely the clinic that you should be seeking advice from. The Nantwich clinic is the perfect place to go for all of your skin concerns. The knowledge that the staff have is second to none & they will guide you in the best possible way for great results. There certainly is no better place to go!
Catherine J
Catherine J
Amazing experience- spent years worrying about lines on my upper lip. Booked appointment with the lovely Clare . She totally put me at ease, explained the procedure and aftercare in detail . The actual treatment was painless and the results were immediate. I feel like a happier person after my tweakment xxx
mary birch
mary birch
Excellent service and patient care. From the consultation stage through to treatment. From Kathy on reception to Dr James. Seamless experience. Pleasant surroundings and stress free environment. Thank you. Mary B.
Denitsa Slavcheva
Denitsa Slavcheva
You made my day. Very friendly, good and helpful staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. James Dean. I went to the clinic very worried, but you made me feel comfortable. See you again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. X
Please reach us at [email protected] if you cannot find an answer to your question.
Are lip fillers safe?
At Freyja Medical your lip filler treatment will only ever be administered by a medical practitioner. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards, exceeding all recommended guidelines and requirements for an aesthetic clinic.

Safety is our number one priority. Our clinic is a safe, regulated medical environment and your treatment will be carried out only by a highly qualified doctor or nurse.

Will I look natural?

When lip fillers are used in expert hands the results are a natural rejuvenated look. Certainly not a ‘plastic’ or puffy-faced. There will be no ‘trout-pouts’ here!

How long do lip fillers last?
The great thing about lip fillers is that the results show immediately after treatment and can last up to 12 months, but 6-9 months is more usual when treating the lips. A lot depends on how many treatments you have had previously and how much lip filler you need.
What happens during my lip filler appointment?
It’s hugely important to us at Freyja Medical that you achieve the results you want. We believe this starts with a thorough consultation.

You will have the time you need to talk things through with our highly trained medical practitioners. We’ll take the time to discuss aspects of your skin or appearance you may be unhappy with, your desired results, costs and timings. We want you to leave your consultation feeling confident, fully informed and happy with any decisions you have made.

Our bespoke Skin/Deep Methodology for consultation and assessment will make sure we give you the right advice on any treatments to fully address your concerns while still maintaining a natural, but refreshed look.

Do lip fillers hurt?
Lip filler treatments involve small injections into the lips (and sometimes in the skin near to the lips too). Some people describe a small scratch or sting as the needle goes in. To make it all more comfortable we apply ‘numbing’ cream (local anaesthetic cream) to the area beforehand. Afterward there may be some swelling or bruising. The swelling usually fades within 48 hours but any bruising may take a little longer. Most people experience very little of this.
Why are your filler prices higher than elsewhere?
The simple answer to this is that we provide great treatments with only the best products. All fillers are not created the same. The difference in quality between a cheap filler and the premium dermal fillers we use at Freyja is huge.

Safety and performance of the products are paramount – you have to have confidence that you are using the best to get the best results.

Not only that, but our clinical team have been providing outstanding treatments for many years and have developed a level of expertise that simply can’t be matched by a practitioner that has set up after doing a half-day course!

What other areas can be treated with dermal fillers?
Cheek fillers – add volume and lift to your cheeks. Contour to define and support.

Tear trough fillers – revive and refresh under the eyes, reducing dark circles and helping with that ‘tired’ look.

Nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth & Marionette lines. These can make us look sad and tired as well as older! Fillers are ideal for these areas.

Jawline and chin – adding volume to the jaw and chin area. This can support and contour the lower face helping with jowling and general volume loss.

…and much more. Book an appointment for an in-depth discussion.

Lip Filler Prices Start From £350

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