Do you have unwanted stubborn fat? Or is there an area of cellulite that refuses to budge? Most of us do and it’s really frustrating when these fail to shift no matter what healthy diet and exercise regime we put ourselves through! It seems like nothing ever works. Don’t lose hope though, there’s an option out there that you might have heard about – Aqualyx fat dissolving injections.

Aqualyx is a non-surgical injectable treatment, which is injected directly into those stubborn fatty areas. The solution contains ingredients that react with the fat cell walls causing them to rupture and release the fat to be dissolved by your own body and expelled naturally!

fat dissolving aqualyx

Aqualyx isn’t an injectable weight-loss treatment, but rather a tool for shifting localised stubborn areas of fat. In most cases, a few fat dissolving injection treatments are needed in order to get the full effects of the fat-busting treatment. This non-surgical fat reduction treatment is perfect for areas such as the neck, tummy, thighs and any other place that harbours stubborn fat.

Results from Aqualyx treatment can be seen from the first treatment however, it is normal to undergo 3-5 treatments to see the full results. The procedure is suitable for anyone who has unwanted and stubborn fat or cellulite and doesn’t want to go for a surgical alternative such as liposuction.

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