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Melanoma is far more than a mere skin condition; it represents one of the most dangerous forms of skin cancer. To combat this, early detection of melanoma is vital. One effective method to stay on top of this is by using the “ABCDE guideline”, which assists in identifying suspicious marks or moles on your skin that could be indicative of melanoma.

What is the ABCDE Guideline?

A is for Asymmetry

Be alert if you notice a spot where one half differs from the other in shape or colour. Asymmetry in moles or skin marks can be a crucial early warning sign in the early detection of melanoma.

B stands for Border

Check the edges of your spots. Melanoma often presents with irregular, blurred, notched, or ragged borders, unlike regular moles which tend to have smoother, more even edges.

C means Colour

A key sign in the early detection of melanoma is colour variation. Be wary of spots showing different shades of black, brown, and sometimes even red, white, or blue.

D is for Diameter

When it comes to skin spots, size is significant. A mole or mark larger than 6mm (about the size of a pencil eraser) deserves immediate attention.

E represents Evolving

Any change in your skin spots, whether it’s in shape, colour, elevation, or other traits such as itching, bleeding, or crusting, should be considered a red flag.

Early Detection of Melanoma: ABCDE Mole Check Guide

Regular Checks: The Cornerstone of Early Detection

In the UK, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Fortunately, many types can be cured if detected early. It’s crucial to check your skin about once a month for new or changing moles or marks. It’s worth noting that around 70% of melanoma cases in adults are not associated with existing moles but manifest as new spots on the skin, which might look like moles, flesh-coloured bumps, flaky patches, or persistent spots.

Signs of a Melanoma, Freyja Medical

To assist you in prioritising your skin health and making your at-home mole checks simpler, we have created a free downloadable at-home mole check guide. Click here to download and start taking a proactive approach to your skin health today!

When in Doubt…

Should a mole or skin spot raise concerns, it’s essential to consult a dermatologist promptly. At Freyja Medical, we offer a Professional Mole Check service, designed to ensure early detection of melanoma, which significantly increases the chances of successful treatment.

We understand the importance of accuracy and peace of mind, so if our dermatologists find any abnormalities, we also offer comprehensive skin surgery options tailored to your needs.

Mole Checks at Freyja Medical

Early detection of melanoma is key in the fight against skin cancer. Stay vigilant and attentive to changes in your skin – it could be life-saving.

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