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The ‘Next Level’ in aesthetic hair and skin treatments.

Offering permanent hair reduction, the Lynton EXCELIGHT IPL is widely regarded by many Dermatologists as the most clinically effective IPL Hair Removal Machine in the marketplace which is why we’ve chosen this treatment to use in clinic at Freyja Medical Nantwich for all your hair removal needs!  

Hair removal methods such as laser hair removal and IPL leaves you feeling confident in your own skin and ready to face the world during all seasons! We can spontaneously throw on our shorts as the British sun peaks out for the day without worrying about any prickly legs as IPL stops hair regrowth.

Both men and women can use IPL hair removal treatment to get rid of unwanted body hair on their bikini line, underarms, back, legs, neck, and face and any other areas you may be concerned about!

IPL hair removal works by directing intense light energy pulses at the hair follicle. A concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair, causing the light to penetrate the pigmentation and destroy the follicle. The tissue in the immediate vicinity is unaffected. Each IPL pulse lasts a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at once. Small parts, like the upper lip, can be treated in under a minute, while larger areas, like the back or legs, can take up to an hour.

Hair Removal

Is IPL Hair Removal Painful?

The IPL shot feels like a quick, heated snap on your skin – a bit like an elastic band, and then the treatment moves on. It’s definitely more comfortable than waxing, especially in sensitive regions like the bikini line with the added benefit of not looking like a plucked chicken for days after the treatment!

Will IPL Hair Removal Work For Me?

IPL Hair Removal works best for those with dark hair against fair skin. The lighter the hair, the less effective IPL and laser hair removal is. 

Will the hair grow back? 

So, after a course of IPL hair removal, we will have killed the suitable follicles and they will never come back, but there is a good chance that a new follicle will activate or that follicles that are not in the growth phase may still grow. In the hairs present at the beginning of treatment most trained IPL providers aim for an 80 percent hair loss.

Can I remove my hair myself in between treatments? 

It’s no secret that IPL technology is a convenient and effective technique of hair removal when it comes to hair removal choices. However, because IPL treatments follow a rigid schedule, there is often a misunderstanding about how to remove hair in between sessions. As a result, the issue frequently arises: Is it possible to remove hair between IPL treatments, and if so, can I pluck my hairs as they grow back?

And there’s a two-part answer. Yes, you can shave hair in between treatments so you don’t have to look like a fuzzy yeti. However, plucking or any method of hair removal that removes the hair from the root such as waxing or epilating, is not allowed in between or before IPL hair removal if you want the treatments to be effective! 

How many treatments will I need? 

Most clients require twelve treatments, however, this depends on the colour of your hair, the thickness of your hair, and the colour of your skin. IPL targets hair in the active growth period, (anagen) and each treatment should result in a 10–25 percent reduction in hair growth. After about 10-12 treatments you should have permanent hair reduction and may only need 1 treatment a year to keep hair growth at bay. 

Book now at our Nantwich Clinic and be hair free in as little as 10 months! You’ll have an extensive consultation with one of our Aestheticians and a patch test to determine the settings and suitability of the treatment for your hair removal!