It’s a golden rule that shouldn’t be ignored especially in the world of caring for your skin. It really is so much easier to take small preventative measures early on than to rely on ‘fixing’ things later in life. Number 1, 2 and 3 on the list of helping your skin is using a daily sunscreen. Did you know that most of the aging ultraviolet light (UVA) manages to break through even on a cloudy day? You don’t notice this damage at first as you don’t tend to tan with UVA (that’s more ultraviolet B – UVB) – the damage becomes apparent in later life.

Next to sunlight, we have smoking that causes premature aging and damage to our skin. We have all seen the evidence for this but the habit can still be hard to kick. We also know that people who eat well and exercise (with sunblock if it is outdoors!) tend to have healthier skin.

Apart from these mainly lifestyle measures, we can look to things such as in-clinic treatments to keep the skin healthy and to treat early signs of damage. It is much easier to start treatments before that tell-tale signs have had a chance to really set in. Think of aesthetic treatments as a gradual process over time that build on each other to give continuous small improvements in a natural way. This is far better than hoping for a quick fix later in life.