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Having too much lip filler can lead to a number of unwanted outcomes. The risks increase with the amount of filler used in one treatment. More filler can result in heightened swelling and bruising, raising the possibility of compromising blood flow in the lips, which can cause permanent damage. Severe swelling and bruising may necessitate medical attention, although these side effects are typically temporary and will subside within a few days or weeks.

Duck Lips / Trout Pout

Overfilling the lips can also lead to uneven or disproportionate lips, resembling a duck or a pair of thick sausages. This disproportionality may be particularly noticeable if one lip receives more filler than the other.

Lumps in the Lips

Additionally, excessive lip filler can cause the development of lumps or bumps under the skin, often due to improper injection depth or uneven filler distribution. These lumps may require medical intervention for correction. Moreover, excessive filler increases the likelihood of filler migration away from the injection site, resulting in an unnatural appearance.

Fortunately, most issues caused by excessive lip filler can be reversed through filler dissolution, although it must be performed by an expert to ensure safety.

If considering lip filler, thorough research is crucial to selecting a qualified and experienced practitioner. Realistic expectations about the procedure’s results and awareness of potential risks and side effects are also vital.

Consulting a medical professional promptly is essential if experiencing any unwanted side effects post-filler application. At our clinics in Wrexham & Nantwich, our experts are available to provide guidance.