6 ways to make your Botox last longer

Botox in Wrexham & Nantwich

Botox. We love it, right? But wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a bit longer results from our treatments?!

Well, let’s see what we can do…

Avoid facials and abrasive products

One thing everyone can do to make sure their treatment lasts as well as possible is to avoid any kind of facials, masks, scrubs etc for at least 48 hours (preferably a week) after having Botox. This allows the Botox plenty of time to fully bind onto the muscles to stop them from scrunching up so much and causing lines & wrinkles.

This next one might seem counter-intuitive at first…

Get your Botox treatments more often! 

Yes, I know this is meant to all be about the Botox lasting longer, but bear with me and read on.

When you first start getting Botox, the muscles are at their strongest – and just like any strong muscles, they’re at their biggest size too. 

When you relax muscles with Botox they aren’t used as much so get less strong and less bulky. 

By keeping the muscles relaxed at regular intervals over a period of time we can gradually extend out the time between treatments. This process can take over a year. However, if we leave too long between Botox treatments, we are effectively starting from scratch each time which keeps the muscles strong and the lines present on the skin. 

Make the most of your skincare routine

One advantage of Botox injections is that they’ll last longer for those who take good care of their skin. Drinking a good amount of water and using a moisturiser & decent products every day are important skin-care practices that will give your skin a plumper, more supple appearance. Don’t skip this simple step – it really makes a difference!

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Get more zinc

Studies show that zinc levels can affect Botox efficacy. A simple supplement may benefit your treatments – especially if it is combined with a good healthy diet!

Improve your foundations

Let’s use a metaphor here….When you’re fixing up a house, you know you need to get the foundations right and use good quality building materials. The same applies to your face.

Skin quality plays a huge role in the results of all cosmetic treatments and how long they last. By improving the quality of the skin with collagen building and other treatments that promote skin health, you will see better & longer-lasting results with your Botox. 

(One of the best treatments there is for building collagen in the skin is SkinPen medical microneedling. Click here for more details.)

Trust the experts

We’ve covered most of the bases here. But probably the MOST important thing you can do to make your treatments last as long as possible is to find an expert injector who knows exactly where to place the Botox for maximum results and effectiveness. 

It’s pointless putting Botox where it won’t be most effective for you…remember, everyone’s face is different and there is no ‘cut and paste’ treatment. Experience is key here – trust the experts.

How many of these 5 things do you do to get the best out of your treatments?


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