If you’re contemplating lip filler treatments, you might worry about ending up with the infamous “Leslie Ash lips.” These overly puffy lips, a result of low-quality fillers or inexperienced injectors, serve as a warning. Yet, at Freyja Medical, we ensure our lip filler treatments are both safe and beautifully natural, steering clear of the dreaded Leslie Ash outcome.

What Exactly Are “Leslie Ash Lips”?

The term “Leslie Ash lips” refers to the overly filled and unnatural appearance that actress Leslie Ash experienced after her lip filler injections went awry in the early 2000s. Her unfortunate experience has since become a cautionary tale about the risks of lip fillers, symbolizing the worst-case scenario of cosmetic enhancements gone wrong. However, with the right approach, such outcomes are entirely preventable.

Leslie Ash Lips

How We Ensure Safe and Natural Lip Fillers

At Freyja Medical, our commitment to your safety and aesthetics sets us apart. We select only the highest quality lip fillers and our experienced clinicians, who hold the necessary training and certification, administer the treatments. We engage with you to understand your desires and craft a look that enhances your natural beauty, not overhaul it.

Our method is cautious and patient-focused, prioritizing your health and satisfaction. Our objective is to subtly enhance your appearance, ensuring you still look like yourself, only refreshed.

The Lip Filler Treatment Process

The process involves injecting a carefully measured amount of filler into the lips, aiming to add volume and definition. This quick procedure typically requires little to no downtime. Some clients may notice temporary swelling or bruising, but these side effects usually disappear quickly.

Determining If Lip Fillers Are Suitable for You

Lip fillers are generally safe and effective for most individuals, but the success largely depends on the expertise of the clinician. We at Freyja Medical provide personalised consultations to discuss your aesthetic goals and assess whether lip fillers are a suitable choice for you.

Forget the fear of “Leslie Ash lips” and embrace the possibility of achieving naturally enhanced lips with us. Contact us today to book a consultation and explore our safe and effective lip filler treatments.