Undoubtedly you can get really impressive results when you have these non-surgical procedures. We have all seen the before and after images that many clinics and manufacturers show in their advertising. Some show incredible differences with the changes to cheeks, eye hollows and deep lines and wrinkles.

It is worth keeping in mind though that even if these images are not ‘touched up’ many of them are taken many months down the line after several different and cumulative treatments. These aren’t ladies that have had 1ml of filler – often it is 10-12ml over a year period, plus peels, plus Botox, chemical peels, etc. Not exactly honest indications of the likely outcome!

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though these things are possible to do, are they right for you? Do you have the right shape face, the right quality of skin, or even the right age? It’s important to keep in mind that a treatment that may look amazing on a 40-year-old may look artificial and out of place in someone who is 60.

It really is vital that the person doing your treatment takes all of this into account. Guiding you to the best treatments is one of the most important considerations in the initial consultation with your practitioner. Get this right and you are well on the way to an effective and natural look. A mark of a good practitioner is sometimes saying ‘no’ when a particular procedure is not going to deliver.

A real risk with the non-surgical aesthetic treatments is that there is a particular ‘look’ of people who have had work. You only need to tune in to reality TV to see the faces that have no expression, smooth immobile foreheads, puffed out or super chiselled cheeks and lips that look more like sausages! The thing is, there really is no excuse for doing that to a person. A good aesthetic practitioner will guide you towards a natural enhancement of your own features without trying to make you into a clone of everyone else.