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The Reality Behind Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures can indeed yield remarkable results. Many of us have wondered what to expect with cosmetic procedures when we see those captivating before-and-after images showcased in ads by clinics and manufacturers. Some display profound transformations, especially in the appearance of cheeks, eye hollows, and deep-set wrinkles.

However, there are a few critical aspects to consider:

1. The ‘Real’ Behind the Results

While the images may not be digitally enhanced, it’s essential to know they often depict cumulative results. Many of these transformations aren’t the result of just one 1ml filler treatment. They typically come from an extensive regimen, including 10-12ml of filler over a year, combined with Botox, chemical peels, and other treatments. The advertisements might not offer a transparent representation of what to expect from a single session.

Epionce and ZO Skin Peels at Freyja Medical

2. Suitability of the Procedure

While some treatments are possible, are they appropriate for you? Facial structures, skin quality, and age can all influence the outcome. What looks stunning on a 40-year-old might appear unnatural on a 60-year-old.

What to expect with cosmetic procedures: Suitability of the Procedure

3. The Importance of Expert Consultation

An insightful practitioner understands the nuances of your face and needs. During the initial consultation, their primary role should be to guide you toward treatments that will naturally enhance your features. The hallmark of a seasoned practitioner is sometimes not the treatments they recommend, but the ones they dissuade you from undergoing.

Nurse Clare Wyatt performing an Aesthetic Consultation at Freyja Medical

4. Avoiding the ‘Overdone’ Look

One of the evident pitfalls in the aesthetic treatment world is the emerging ‘template look’. We’ve all seen it – the emotionless faces on reality TV with frozen foreheads, exaggerated cheeks, and overly plump lips. The truth is, there’s no valid reason for a practitioner to produce such outcomes. A competent aesthetic practitioner will always prioritise a natural enhancement, ensuring you remain unique and not a replica of a prevailing trend.

In Conclusion

Navigating the world of non-surgical aesthetic treatments requires both awareness and discernment. The goal should always be to enhance your natural beauty without erasing the characteristics that make you, you. Always remember that sometimes, the best treatment is the one you choose not to have.

At Freyja Medical, our commitment is to provide you with guidance tailored to your unique needs. We won’t recommend or administer any treatment that we believe isn’t right for you. Why not schedule an aesthetic consultation with us? Let’s discuss your aesthetic aspirations and design a treatment plan curated especially for you. Click here to book.