There’s nothing to be scared of with Botox…IF you follow our advice!

Often when talking to people the conversation can come around to Botox. Inevitably there is some comment along the lines of “why would anyone want to have their face Botoxed – it looks awful!”. Even when people come to one of our clinics, in Wrexham or Nantwich, to discuss treatments there can be a reluctance to even consider this as they don’t want to look ‘frozen’. The sad fact of the matter is that practitioners performing bad Botox treatments have given the whole thing a bad name.

When people think of Botox, they think of the frozen, expressionless faces with emotion and barely any movement. It can be a bizarre look with an entirely smooth forehead and eyebrows arched as if you have had a surprise. There is this impression that this is what Botox does because we have all seen too many people wearing the results of bad Botox technique. They think that this look is the aim of the treatment and, quite rightly, don’t want anything to do with that end result.

The thing is, Botox treatments do NOT have to be this way. A good injector has the aim of relaxing and refreshing the lines and wrinkles in a way that is both subtle and effective. We personalise the injections to the face we are treating and the end result desired. A small treatment in one place can slightly open the eyes making you look more awake, another elsewhere can smooth some lines and subtly shape the eyebrows. We may focus just on relaxing the frown lines (often called 11’s) between the eyebrows. Any natural asymmetry of the face can be corrected. In the hands of a good injector, you certainly won’t look ‘done’ or expressionless, but we would want friends and family to come up to you and tell you how good you look or ask if you have been on holiday!