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In a world where beauty knows no bounds, Aesthetic Treatments for All Genders have shattered traditional barriers. Today, these treatments embrace gender-neutrality, catering to the unique desires of both men and women, offering a world of possibilities.

Botox: Not Just a ‘Women’s Treatment’

Men have witnessed a surge in popularity for Botox, one of the most well-known aesthetic treatments. When targeting the male demographic, it’s often referred to as “Brotox.” Men seek this treatment to smooth out wrinkles and achieve a more youthful appearance, with a particular focus on treating forehead lines and crow’s feet, similar to their female counterparts.


Dermal Fillers: Universal Appeal

Dermal fillers have crossed gender lines as well. While women might prioritise lip augmentation or cheek enhancement, men are increasingly using fillers to define their jawlines or reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles. The versatility of dermal fillers makes them a suitable option for anyone looking to rejuvenate their appearance without undergoing surgery.


Sculptra: For Long-Lasting Results

Sculptra, a unique filler that stimulates collagen production, appeals to both genders with its ability to provide long-lasting results. Men and women appreciate the natural-looking results, which offer a subtle lift and enhance skin elasticity over time.


Aqualyx: The Gender-Neutral Fat Dissolver

Weight management concerns are not gender-specific. Aqualyx, a treatment that dissolves fat cells, has gained equal popularity among both men and women. Whether it’s targeting a double chin or stubborn belly fat, Aqualyx offers a non-surgical solution that appeals to everyone.


The Psychological Benefits

Aesthetic treatments offer psychological benefits beyond the physical. Achieving one’s best appearance universally provides a psychological uplift. A more youthful look can boost self-esteem and confidence, positively impacting various aspects of life, from social interactions to career opportunities, for both men and women.


Safety and Consultations

Regardless of gender, prioritising safety should be paramount when considering any aesthetic treatment. Always consult with qualified professionals and ensure that you are well-informed about the procedure, post-treatment care, and any potential risks involved.

Aesthetic Treatments for All Genders

In conclusion, aesthetic treatments are no longer confined by gender. They provide a diverse range of options that can be tailored to individual needs, regardless of whether you are male or female.

As societal norms continue to evolve, it’s clear that the future of aesthetics will be inclusive, embracing the beauty and individuality of all.

Dr Laura Bland at Freyja Medical

With 7 years in medical aesthetics and as a mentor since 2019, Dr. Laura Bland specialises in Botox, dermal filler, and Sculptra. She ensures impeccable results and peace of mind for her patients by combining meticulous attention to detail with a profound commitment to safety.


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