How to get great Botox results

When it comes to Botox treatments it really is all about knowing exactly what you want and seeing an experienced injector. The end result for different people will vary depending on the look you are going for.

You want to appear more awake and less heavy on the brow? A brow lift and gentle glabella treatment is for you. Want the eradicate lines completely? A heavier treatment course over a period of time will be needed. Botox can be done in a huge number of ways – there certainly isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ method, despite what some injectors practice! We can be super subtle with micro-doses to just give a gentle softening while retaining nearly all movement. The options are near endless.

Botox consultation

The key is a full discussion beforehand in a proper consultation with your practitioner taking into account what you would like, but also what is possible. A good injector will tell you when a treatment will look wrong on your face. You may be concerned about lines on your forehead, but if that muscle is pulling up really heavy lids, then treating it will make you look sleepy once the action of that muscle is reduced.

Botox Aftercare

After your Botox treatment, your practitioner should give you advice on aftercare. There are only a few things you should avoid in the first 24 hours, and they are things that make the face flushed (such as vigorous exercise, alcohol, saunas, etc). These things don’t cause harm if you do them after treatment – but if the face becomes flushed, there is a chance that the Botox might be ‘flushed’ away by the extra blood flowing through the face before it has had chance to bind onto the right receptors to have the desired outcomes. You should also try to keep your head above your heart for the first few hours as well for the same reasons.

The quick answer to the question of ‘how to achieve good Botox results’ is to find an experienced injector that has had many years in the industry and has a good reputation for giving a natural-looking Botox result. Also, make sure that they offer a review a couple of weeks after treatment so that the results can be tweaked if necessary.

At Freyja Medical, we have expert Doctors and nurses with many years of experience in carrying out Botox and Filler treatments at our clinics based in Nantwich and Wrexham.

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